Allergic Contact Cheilitis and Perioral Dermatitis Caused by Propolis: Case Report

Vice Budimir, Vlaho Brailo, Ivan Alajbeg, Vanja Vučićević Boras, Jozo Budimir


We report a case of propolis allergy in an 18-year-old female patient.
Medical history revealed self-prescribed topical use of propolis spray as a medication
for gingival swelling caused by orthodontic molar bands. After 24 hours, the
patient developed lip edema and erythema of the perioral skin accompanied by
burning pain in her lips. Discrete erosions were present in the corners of her lips.
Erythema of the right infraorbital region was also observed. The patient was prescribed
betamethasone propionate cream two times daily. Complete recovery was
observed after 10 days. Propolis allergy was confirmed by a patch test. We believe
that the use of propolis for the treatment of oral diseases should be avoided due to
sparse evidence of its efficacy and numerous cases of allergic reactions.

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